As I sat in the freezing cold room at the workshop looking at my blank journal trying to figure out where all the emotion was coming from. I realized the sadness was the belief that I didn’t finish it. I didn’t get to finish the life with my husband like I wanted. Fate took him before we were able to share that deep connection I wanted. Fate took him before we were able to play. Fate took him too soon. Fate took him before I could even say goodbye. I felt and feel cheated, jipped.

But what if, it was finished. What if this happened exactly like it was supposed to to show me that there is no guarantee on the exact time we have on this planet. Looking back, our life together shows me the choices we made. We grew a business and life. We sacrificed things that I now see as important. My heart still hearts deeply for the things that could have been. But grateful for the things that were and are.
What is the lesson? Choose what is important, put your whole self into everyday. Have fun. Play. Know that it happened the way it was supposed too.