Angela Jackson - Life Coach

Illuminate Your True Path


Do you want more for your life but can’t put your finger on what’s missing?

Is the road to your dreams littered with roadblocks?

Has your inner compass lost its True North?

Are you the loudest naysayer in your world?

Whether you are recovering from a tragedy, seeking clarity on your next steps, or searching for more meaning and happiness in your life, my programs will support you in creating the life your desire. You will gain a clear vision of what you truly desire and learn tools to help you realize that vision. You will uncover new opportunities and new solutions to the roadblocks that have been in your way. You will gain confidence, joy, and peace as you illuminate and begin the journey on your new path.

If you are ready to…

* shed the guilt of wanting more and take steps toward your dreams

*quiet your inner critic and focus on what’s possible

*recalibrate your inner compass and walk confidently along your true path

…it’s time to take the first step

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Seeing your truth through connection and awareness

Angela is so easy to talk and puts me at ease to open up and discuss my deepest truths. She provides me with a fresh perspective on the issues I have in my life so that I can move through my obstacles.  With Angela’s guidance and support this year she has encouraged me to pursue my goals and create my best life! Thank you Angela!
Ruthie Edelson, San Diego, California

I have made more — and more positive — change in the months, since I worked with Angela, than at any time in my life. Her kindness and competence  helped me come back from the brink, and helped me open the space inside myself for that to happen.
Tom Cannold, Orlando, Florida

My Equus coaching session was very affirming of what I had already been mulling around. Angela is great at helping you gain clarity in your thoughts, revealing stumbling blocks and bringing about more self awareness and understanding. She helps you connect the dots.
Andrea Carter, Windemere, FL

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