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Live your passion by listening.
As far back as I can remember I had a small sweet voice telling me things. No, I don’t think I had a bout of schizophrenia. I think that voice is that inner guide that talks to us in numerous ways. That intuitive feeling that we have in certain situations. Or for me, that actual, almost audible voice I hear just when I need it the most.
I can remember hearing it as early as 6 years old. I had scarlet fever and missed a lot of kindergarten. So when I went to first grade I was nervous and already felt behind. I can remember hearing my “imaginary friend” telling me I was good and it was all going to be ok. That voice and those words have followed me my whole life. Reminding me over and over again that I was going to be ok. Especially when I kept putting myself in the worst situations ever. Or when things were happening that I had no control over.
Looking back, I felt I had to prove my worth and value. I am not sure where that came from and frankly it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I finally recognize it. And I can finally ask myself, “is it true? Is it only through hard work that people will see value in a person?”  In the past, I felt I had to do things to make people respect, like, and admire me. All that did was make me very tired, exhausted and feel empty. I became a human doing rather than a human being, as Deepak would say. I did feel good with all my accomplishments for a brief period of time. But it didn’t last. Because what I was looking for by doing, was self worth. If other people saw what I did then they would admire me and it would look like I was important and valuable. And just maybe I could believe it myself.
Let me tell you, no amount of physical work can make that happen. I had to get to a point of where I actually believed I was here on this planet earth for a reason. And surrender to the fact that I had no idea why, and instead of working like crazy trying to manipulate the world to seeing me as valuable. See it for myself. The mere fact that I was here meant I was supposed to be here. Otherwise I wouldn’t be. This planet earth runs like a machine or a puzzle, we are all parts of it. The key and fun part is finding how we fit to make it run smoothly. When we are on the right track things flow so much better. How do we know if we are on the right track? I believe it is that inner guidance that tells and shows us. We learn to feel our way through life instead of trying to manipulate it in the way we think it should go. And when we can let go and let things happen. Hang on, enjoy the ride! There are ups and downs, twists and turns. Take them as they come, listen and feel. Be grateful for all that you have been given. Soon you will be headed towards your own North Star. That light is bright, guiding you and showing you the way if you can just take off the blinders of doing and start being. Listen intently and see!!!