I was considered a fairly serious kid for the most part. Serious in what I did. Serious about being the best at whatever it was I was doing at the time. That served me well growing up. I got a college degree, made the Deans list every quarter, built a business and then sold it for a profit. I even used that seriousness to get what I wanted. My 4 R’s is what I called it at the time.  An RV, a  job at RDV, a Ring and Robert/ (Bob, my loving, husband).
All that serious is well and good, but I learned I really needed to have some good old fashioned, belly laughing fun. There is nothing better than letting go and laughing until you cry and forgetting everything you thought was important. At least for a moment or two. Plus, it can be contagious.
I know not everyone’s idea of fun is mine, but one of the things I consider fun is when I can be totally in the moment and laugh. At times, my sister/best friend and I can have some pretty serious and intense conversations, usually followed by an intense fit of laughter and goofiness. Laughing with her pretty much happens on a regular basis.
This sometimes leads to our imagination taking over. We get super creative and have so much fun it seems selfish to keep it to ourselves so we like to shoot video and send them to some of our friends.
So here are some crazy, fun, joyful videos that we have made over the years.
There are other ways I find joy as well, spending time with my husband, playing with the dogs  and horses. Whatever brings you joy give yourself permission to do it!  And do it often. You are here for a short time. Life is not about working and being serious all the time. Don’t worry you won’t loose your responsible adult reputation.
Watch the video, and I would love for you to share in the comments below some of the ways you find joy in your own life. If you can’t think of any, now is the time to make something up and go do it. Let me know how it turns out.