Not getting what I wanted became a blessing.
I had made it past the first round. Out of over 100 people I was one of 12 that was chosen. I was on a plane to Atlanta to “audition” for a job that I thought aligned with my purpose. I have always taught. I really like teaching. I like watching people grow and if I can help them get there, even better.  This was a position to teach teachers. My thinking was, “it doesn’t matter what I teach, I just like teaching. I can make this work.”  Looking back, I knew as I sat on that plane, it wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but maybe I could make it my own.” I would settle for something less than ideal and somehow make it work.
Thank God that didn’t happen!!!!!
The thought of feeling stuck in a less than ideal situation and faking my way through it just isn’t good enough anymore.
I sat in a room with 12 other people and listened to them trying to say the right things to get the job. I also thought of things I could say to stand out and look like I was the right person for the job, but the words refused to come out of my mouth. As I sat in that hard chair every muscle in my body started to ache, my finger swelled up for some weird, unknown reason. And my only thought really was, "I can wait to get this over with.”
Our audition was to memorize a section of the program we were going to teach and present it, using their words and their format. And to add on more pressure, everyone was given a program that they were currently teaching so that they were comfortable with it. Everyone but me. For some reason they wanted me to teach something I had never taught.  What???? It was like the Universe was saying, "this is just to insure you don’t get this.” I basically was memorizing a script and acting it out. This didn’t feel like teaching. Not the kind of teaching that I like anyway. How was this helping people? It felt like the most inauthentic thing I had ever done. So, I got up there sweating, ready to throw up and half way through the presentation realized this was so wrong for me.
Needless to say, I didn’t get that job. And I am so grateful. By not getting that job, I was led to life coaching. I get to help people grow and align themselves with their true purpose.  I get to be a life coach! It wasn’t the teaching that was my purpose,  it is watching people learn about themselves and that is truly what I loved about teaching.
Looking back, everything about that experience was telling me to go in a different direction, from the pain in my body to getting the wrong program. It was like the Universe was giving me hint after hint that this was not the direction I should be going. I am grateful for that experience as painful as it was. It narrowed down what my true purpose is and showed me that nothing is ever wasted.