Try something new and get creative!
The first time I recognized that things weren’t going as well as I wanted them too I thought there must to be more to life. This revelation came to me as far back as middle school. So looking back I guess I have been on this “spiritual quest” for quite some time. And will continue until I am no longer breathing. One of the things I have learned is sometimes you just have to go in a new direction even if you are not sure where that direction is going to take you.
Last summer my husband and I with our 3 dogs traveled to Arizona and stayed for about 5 weeks. During that time I thought I would try something new and different. I love working out  and actually teach fitness classes. But I thought I am in Arizona and I should really try yoga. After all Arizona has that whole zen desert feeling, what a great place to do this. I found a gym that had a bunch of different yoga classes which of course I had never heard of so I basically closed my eyes and picked one. Flow yoga.  I walk into the studio, everyone has mats and blankets. Please leave your shoes at the door I am told. I find a spot. These people are in this state of silence already, breathing deeply, eyes closed, which is totally making me nervous. I am just  waiting for the chanting to start at any second. They seemed so serious. The instructor comes in, welcomes everyone in that slow, quiet yoga voice and then proceeds to speak in a language I don’t know. I hear things like chandra, chaturanga, virabadrasana, turn to gayle, which seemed to mean look ahead. I had no idea what she was talking about, but followed along as best I could. Finally, savasana, my favorite part. From what I gathered you get to lay down and try not to fall asleep. As i lay there, I had to admit as disjointed as I felt doing this class, I felt really good trying something new and different. And after the 3rd class I even started learning the language a little. I was excited to get off my asana and do some parighasana’s and the biggest revelation was that Gayle was not a position, it was the instructor’s name.  All this to say, if there is something you have been thinking about trying and haven’t done it yet, there is a reason you had the thought to try it in the first place. Listen to your inner voice that wants you to live a fun fulfilling life, as scary or uncomfortable as it may seem, try it anyway.  And always turn to Gayle (look ahead).