Combining life coaching skills with the wisdom of horses gives us a clearer vision of how we show up in the world.
It was my turn to go into the round pen with the horse that I had chosen. I had chosen a young Arabian that was very vocal and seemed very impatient. We were the last in the group to go. I haltered my horse and walked him into the round pen. As I took the halter off, I thought, "this is going to be interesting." This horse seems pretty wired as he ran around the pen, vocalizing to all his horse friends, letting them know where he was in case this went horribly wrong. I also knew where the door was for the same reason.
I did my best to ignore him as I talked to the Coach. As I talked, telling the coach my story and what I wanted from this session and what my intention was, I felt the horse start to check into me. He would run by me but then slow down a little when he got near me, kind of like he was saying, "you are getting a little warmer, keep talking. I showed you how earlier."  So I did. I continued to talk and answer the questions the coach was asking, until I  finally got to the truth.
What did I really want?  What did I really need? I wanted a sense of ease and peace. The coach made me repeat what I had just said and my horse came to me and stood there beside me, not moving, holding space for me to say what I wanted, supporting me as I spoke the truth. I was amazed.
This work is the most powerful work I have ever done and I am so grateful to be in a position to be able facilitate it for others.