14 years. 6 days a week. 5 hours a day. I listened. I listened to people of different ethnicities, different genders, different ages. I found that they all had something in common. They all wanted to be heard. They all wanted to know that what they had to say meant something, what they had to say mattered, what they had to say was worth hearing. Mostly, they wanted to know THEY mattered.
I was working as a licensed  massage therapist at the time. There was a lot of healing that went on in that room, physical as well as emotional. I didn’t have deep conversations. We were taught not to. We were taught listen and not engage.  As time went by, I saw the same clients week after week. I would ask a question or two. I couldn’t help it. It got them talking, thinking and going deeper. I had no idea why I asked the questions or how I came up with them. I was just genuinely curious.
Emotional healing was not my intention when I went to massage school. As I look at it today, being a massage therapist was just an outlet to do what I feel I am here to do. Hold space, watch, gently guide people to discover their own truths and cheer them on.
I was not a coach and didn’t even really know what a coach did. But the universe was training me without me even knowing it. Giving me clients and letting me hold space for them. I didn’t judge, because I saw myself in almost every one of those people. They all had a common deep core desire. They needed to express it. I am so grateful I was able to provide that space for them. As I look at them now, nothing gives me more joy than to see them living and doing things a little differently and feeling a little better. They helped me just as much as I helped them. They showed me that we all are more alike than different.
This 14 year experience led me to becoming a Certified Life Coach. I am so grateful to have the tools to help people recognize negative thoughts and beliefs that are holding them back from achieving what they want in life. Coaching helps turn those negative thoughts into something positive. Soon inspired action happens and people are living their best life.
I truly believe everyone has a unique gift that deserves to be heard, seen, or experienced.  Talking it out, having someone listen, and developing a plan is what is required to grow and becoming who you are meant to be.
Nothing is ever wasted, it is all part of the journey.