I am a seeker, just like you. In my early adulthood, I went from job to job and relationship to relationship, hoping that my next choice would finally make my life right, perfect, and happy. I eventually married, settled down, and dove head-first into my business. Still, I found myself returning again and again to that familiar, stale, dead-end place: emptiness.

 I filed for divorce, and I realized I could no longer look outside myself to find the happiness I craved. I had to go within. I set off on a personal development quest–coaching, seminars, books– until I found the tools I’d been looking for. Through the work of Dr. Martha Beck, I discovered my own North Star and cultivated my inner compass for following it. I learned that my thoughts and beliefs were creating my limitations, and that with the right tools I could transcend those limits and live my truest, most joyful life.

I felt called to share these tools with others and am now a Martha Beck Certified Life Coach. I love helping others get in touch with their true selves and find that the answers they’ve been seeking are already right there, inside them. Uncovering those answers is what gives people the courage, confidence, and clarity to move forward. I am living my purpose by helping people live theirs.

Upon completing my training with Martha Beck, I decided to combine my newfound career with my lifelong love and respect for horses. My horses had contributed so enormously to my own growth and wellbeing throughout my life, and I knew they could make a profound difference in the lives of my coaching clients too. I trained as an Equus Coach with Koelle Simpson at the Koelle Institute, and am proud to offer this coaching option to my clients. Equus coaching shows how nature and animals can be great teachers as they help us transform our deepest struggles.

Using these tools has empowered me to live my life without fear and interrupt my old patterns of seeking joy outside myself. When I married again, I used my newfound skills to create an accepting and fulfilling relationship with my husband. And when, after 12 happy years together, he passed away, I knew that I had everything I needed within me to heal the pain of his loss. I didn’t need to let anyone else dictate the course of my grief, as I gave myself permission to lean into the pain and feel it, making room for new feelings and experiences to come into my life. It is my mission to help people find happiness on the other side of grief. 

Like you, I spent a long time searching for the remedy to my loneliness and pain. Now I know that every answer I seek is already inside me. That’s how I know the answers you seek are inside of you, too. I can help you find them.


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