How to feel uplifted and calm in this world of uncertainty.

We are at a time and place we have never been before. Everyone is trying to navigate the best they know how. We are hearing a lot of different things minute by minute, and we question how we are supposed to act and what we’re supposed to do, The not knowing is causing anxiety and stress. So what if we focus on what we do know… Right now I know I am sitting here, with my dog at my feet typing this message to you and I am totally safe. And right now, I feel pretty good. 

Grab a journal or piece of paper. Now, give yourself permission to FEEL right now. Good or bad. If you are feeling anxious., by all means feel it, name it, thank it for trying to take care of you.  Then put that part of you to the side. Once you have done that, take a deep breathe go into a deeper part of you. A part of you that has knows. This is called your inner wisdom.  Invite that part of you to tell you what she knows. Listen carefully and journal. When you are in that state of listening to your inner wisdom, let the pen flow on the paper. It doesn’t matter if it makes sense, just write. You may hear one word or you may end up writing a book. Trust the power of inner wisdom.

Sometimes I think when chaos and anxiety is all around us, on some level we feel the should be feeling it too. Take a step away from that for a second and give yourself permission to feel good, right now. Really feel it and remember it so that you can go back to it when those scary feelings of uncertainty come back. The more you practice getting back to feeling good, the easier it will be to do it again and again. 

We know that stress and anxiety weakens the immune system, and positive thoughts and feelings have the potential to heal. So while we are all in this time of uncertainty together, use it to stretch. Try something new, spend quality time with yourself and your family.  And know right now, all is well .